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This Old House Conjured So Modern, Bright and Simple!

If you fix the old apartment for the house, it should have a lot of hope, right? ! However, these expectations may not be realistic, causing the house to end up too messy. To avoid this kind of situation, the best way is to set a new home theme so that you can have a distinctive dwelling. This time the core book that will be introduced in the 30-year-old apartment renovation process is the best demonstration!

The designer uses bright and happy design themes, ranging from basic engineering practices, solving genuine leaks and termites and other problems. Besides, experts also significantly adjust the line and indoor pattern, so that public space and each bedroom has a bright side, according to the expert set the subject.

But when the time comes when an act of home renovation and restoration is needed, the renovation of the old house turned out to be a challenge for the homeowner if not prepared especially regarding financial and others such as asbestos problem.

Asbestos is a group of pharmaceutical metamorphic minerals. This name comes from its use in the wick light; because of the flame retardant, she has used in many applications.

However, inhalation of some types of asbestos fibers can cause various diseases, including cancer, and therefore the most use of asbestos has been banned in many countries.

In addition to fragile, asbestos material itself is very easily destroyed and spread into the air in the form of toxic dust that is very dangerous if inhaled by humans.

Many old houses use this asbestos material, such as; on the ceiling, ducting insulation, to the wall coverings. Although it seems trivial, be careful, because asbestos can be bad for your health and all workers who carry out the demolition. You’d better call a licensed contractor like Asbestos Watch Sydney you can visit his website at

Let’s enjoy the old house before and after the appearance remodeling, where can be an inspiration!

Toilet before doing the transformation

Bathroom by E&C創意設計有限公司
原屋況 By E&C創意設計有限公司

First of all, let’s come to the toilet before doing the transformation to see the design of the tile and bathroom fixtures, the dim light, does not look very uninspired.

Public space before the transformation

Workspace by E&C創意設計有限公司
原屋況 By E&C創意設計有限公司

Before the transformation of the public sector is not bad, but with the bathroom as a problem, too dark, the absence of natural light, so residents and visitors drowsy.

The designer, Ye Jiqi, has been re-decorating the 30-year-old apartment with a bright theme and a pleasant temperature. Since the beginning of basic work, the designer will solve the leakage problem due to termites.

At the same time, Lines and patterns, so that public spaces and individual bedrooms can have a bright side, to give homeowners full of sun temperatures.

E & C is the same as the dining-shaft, and the restaurant and reading area are built on the same axis. Center, a glimpse of the entrance and public space of the entire image, can at times control the internal and external movements as members interact.

No special decoration

Workspace by E&C創意設計有限公司
原屋況 By E&C創意設計有限公司

Before the transformation of interior decoration is entirely satisfactory, but it just shows a little personality!

The ceiling was shallow

Baby & Kids Room by E&C創意設計有限公司
原屋況 By E&C創意設計有限公司

Because of the lack of light in the room, then people feel the ceiling is shallow, so less modern like the open senses.

Lots of sunshine

Corridors and hallways by E&C創意設計有限公司
玄關 By E&C創意設計有限公司

Look at the entrance transformation, the introduction of natural light, the neutral colour of the room is instantly lit. With tall plants, either home or door visitors will have a good mood!

Open perfectly

Corridors and hallways by E&C創意設計有限公司
玄關、書房 By E&C創意設計有限公司

Also, after the transformation of the line of apartments and patterns are also greatly increased, become more open, people will not feel cramped.

Stylish atmosphere

Workspace by E&C創意設計有限公司
書房、餐廳、客廳 By E&C創意設計有限公司

As the expert selects neutral color saturation and then places a simple furniture line, then after the transformation of the house emits a stylish atmosphere.

Multi-function kitchen

The dining room by E&C創意設計有限公司
開放式餐廳 廚房 By E&C創意設計有限公司

The modern family has a small living room, so furniture and appliances are multifunctional. Experts choose Nakajima that can be used as a bar for the owner, look not only beautiful but also very practical!

Living room

 Family room by E&C創意設計有限公司
客廳 By E&C創意設計有限公司

The living room is almost no decoration or furniture that is not practical, let alone a more open concept in this regard.

The last stop, the bathroom

Bathroom by E&C創意設計有限公司
By E&C創意設計有限公司

The last stop let’s come to the bathroom! In front of this vast space, is not it very different from the one we at the beginning of seeing, dark and narrow space?

The walls are grey to create a strong fashion sense and modern bathroom equipment, as well as dry and wet designs of separation, so that bath and wash more comfortably.